Whale Trance
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Our Vision

Our vision is to bring the healing sounds of the whales to the world, and to inspire transformation and evolve consciousness towards harmonizing the hearts of humanity. It is also important to raise awareness about the whales and our oceans. We aspire to bring together all people who love the whales and are concerned and motivated to find solutions to protect the oceans. The rhythms and pulses in the whale songs remind us to reconnect with our natural rhythms. As we attune to this timing, stress and tensions dissolve and a deeper peace and stillness is revealed and becomes our new pace of life. Our experience of being immersed in the whale songs has been a journey of accessing inner peace.

We were telepathicly guided that the whales mission on planet earth is to sing the primordial song of evolution. This song travels deep into the crevasses of the earth to lubricate the tectonic plates and all the way to the core (heart) of the earth. The Humpback Whales travel to sacred points, power spots, or meridians all around the world synchronizing there sound current like acupuncture for the mother earth. Some of these frequencies can be felt and heard, and some are above and below perceivable human hearing range. These codes do not translate into the mental realm they come as an intuitive sense of knowing.

In the film Cracking the Code by Daniel Opitz he reveals that the Humpback Whales that are in Mexico sing exactly the same version of the song as the whales in Hawaii and Japan. The song is constantly evolving and changing throughout the world. Some say the whales can here each other from long distances away. We feel that the whales use other modes of communication as well. A Unified intelligence is being demonstrated globally through the Whale Song. We believe that the whales hold a key and are an example to how a species can communicate and link up globally. This is a powerful example of Unity. We believe this song could help facilitate humanity to evolve and unify through the power of their hearts through sound and prayer.

Throughout the creation of the Whale Trance CD, we've held the intention to have the innocence of the heart to be expressed in order to bypass the mind. Whale Trance is an album that blends the Whale's healing tones with indigenous sounds like the oldest instrument known to man, the didgeridoo. These primal sounds instantly induce a gentle relaxation and have a way of caressing our soul. In this space new inspirations have space to occur and a deep permission arises inside.


A percentage of the proceeds go to WhaleSong.net